Video Editor

I work mainly as an Offline Picture / Video Editor using software packages such as Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro to do the majority of the work, Im able to add extra effects, graphics and a higher production value through further work in Adobe After Effects and other high end post production packages. For more on the role of a Video Editor check our this article.

As Freelance Video Editor I work both in-house at a variety of locations around Bristol and also take on independent projects directly from clients, these include jobs such as wedding videos, promotional videos for small companies or sole traders, web promos, product explainers and other small corporate jobs working directly with the company themselves. I also work in the creative side of the Industry having Directed and Edited an A/V piece called The Russian Winter in my space time over the past 2 years or more (see link at top of page for more information), having no previous experience Directing or working on a project of such scale the piece has given us all invaluable experience and understanding in a real world setting that would otherwise be very difficult to obtain.