Motion Graphics / VFX Artist

As well as regular video editing, I also have a developed skillset in Motion Graphics, VFX and 3D work. This is an area i’m constantly improving and developing, looking at new techniques, software and ideas. I most enjoy working with real life footage and adding effects, assets and motion graphics in situ (text hidden within a scene, post production effects like gunfire, muzzle flashes, weather etc. I also enjoy creating dynamic content for music videos, animations and promos etc.

I work mainly in Adobe After Effects but have recently started exploring Maya, 3D Max, Cinema 4D and Nuke for more complex compositing work. 3D is another area im developing, using both Raytracing techniques in After Effects and Element 3D as well as Cinema 4D for more complex full 3D effects or environments.

I work on both Mac OS and Windows based systems with access to my own machines – A full spec Imac with 16gb RAM and i7 Quad-core processor for Mac based work and fully bespoke post production editing pc for more intensive work – Quad-core i7 processor, 32Gb RAM, 4gb 3D Graphics and SSD Hard Disks for super fast rendering and output times. I also use professional colour grading monitors to give the best quality results no matter what screen type or playback device.

Im also more than happy to work in house on your own system, Im used to adapting to different setups and workflows.